Thursday, July 1, 2010

Little Reese Cup...

Would you just look at this cute little one!!! His name is Reese and his mother is one of my youngest best friends. I have known Kayla since the day she was born. She only lived 3 doors down from us. So many wonderful memories fill my head when I think of all the fun times the girls spent together over the years growing up.
At about age 3 or 4 in the summer they lived in bathing suits and wore roller skates everywhere. LOL
Little Reese was born about 3 weeks ago, This is the little knitted hat and diaper cover I made for him. He sure looks happy in it!!! What a smile for such a little guy!!!
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Balisha said...

he looks so happy to be wearing his new outfit..You are getting so talented with your knitting.You attempt things that I wouldn't even try.I must get more adventuresome with those needles..Balisha